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Candle Wick Trimmer & Dipper Tool Set

Candle Wick Trimmer & Dipper Tool Set

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My Wick Trimmer & Dipper set is made from high quality stainless steel for long life and durability and helps you get the best out of your candles. This stylish set makes a perfect gift for any candle lover.

Wick Trimmer - approx 7 inches (L)
  • Trimming your wick before every use to prevents any black soot and gives your candle a longer burn time
  • Wick trimmers are more effective and gentler than scissors or breaking with your fingers
  • If not trimmed the wick can't draw wax all the way up to the top and the wick itself will start to burn
  • If the wick becomes too long as the candle burns, snuff or blow out the candle and let it cool and trim the wick again before re-lighting
  • Even with Altruis Living cotton wicks and our natural wax blend, you will see some soot if your wicks start burning themselves
Wick Dipper - approx 7 3/4 inches (L)
  • More effective and gentler way to extinguish candles
  • Elegant Carved Patterns design, light Iight, use convenient
  • Safety, and easy to put out fire on candle wick
  • Blowing out candles can cause wax to spray onto the face and smoke to fill the room
  • Blowing out candles can bury the wick in the wax making it hard to light the candle again

    How to Use

    Use the dipper to hook the wick and extinguish the candle in the wax.

    The flame goes out with no smoke or soot.

    Gently ease the wick back up, the wick is then coated in wax and primed for the next lighting!



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    My gift wrapping service is available at the checkout, add a message in the notes box at the checkout and I will handwrite it onto one of my gift cards - just let me know the occasion so I can decorate it just right!

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