Using your Room & Pillow Spray

My vegetable base Room & Pillow Sprays aren’t just amazing for freshening your room naturally and incredibly effectively. Simply spritz 3-4 pumps on your pillow or in your room.

For bigger rooms you may need more sprays, for smaller rooms less sprays.

Other uses*:

  • Spritz my Inspiration Spray in the bedrooms when you rise to wake you up
  • Spritz my Relaxing Spray on duvets and pillows in the evening to wind down
  • Spritz to freshen up carpets, rugs and bathmats, mattresses and pillows in between changes
  • Spritz to freshen up soft toys, soft furnishings, the airing cupboard, fabric dining chairs, the often stinky area your shoes and boots are stored, inside your car and gym bags

* always do a patch test on fabrics first