Using My Candles & Wax Melts on Your Skin

  • Light your candle or wax melt
  • Wait until you have a pool of wax
  • With a teaspoon and scoop out a small amount of the melted wax
  • Massage it into your skin immediately (the cooler burn rate of plant wax means it won't burn you).

The melted wax may be used on the hands, feet, legs, arms, back, stomach, neck and shoulders.

ImportantΒ - due to their rich formulation, melted wax is not suitable for use on the face.

Other uses:

  • Rub into your cuticles for a nourishing nail treatmentΒ 
  • To help with fly away hair, pop a "teeny weenie" bit on the palms of your hands and smooth onto the ends of your hairΒ 

Β Important -Β Hobo Soy CandlesΒ should also NOT to be used on the skin.