Soy & Plant Wax vs Paraffin

Altruis Living Only Uses Soy and Plant Waxes in our Products. Paraffin is a Big NO NO, Read on to Find out Why.Β 

I discovered the downside of Paraffin in both skincare and candles when I trained in aromatherapy and holistic facials. It became even more important to me when I contracted pneumonia and was subsequently diagnosed with asthma. Paraffin, liquid paraffin or mineral oil are cheap by-products of petroleum from the petrol-chemical industry. Other names are petrolatum, xylene, toluene and liquid paraffin.Β 

Just a reminder paraffinΒ is also known as mineral oil so look out for this ingredient when you buy your skincare, lip balms and candles.

Benefits of Burning Candles and Wax Melts Made From Plant Waxes Instead of Paraffin Wax

  • Plant wax candles are non toxic unlike paraffin candles which are made from non-renewable crude oil and release toxins into the air.
  • Cleaner burning as there is no petrol-carbon soot which marks your surfaces and walls.
  • Last longer as they have a slower burn time and cooler burn temperature.
  • Provide aΒ longer lasting fragrance as the wax holds onto the scent better.
  • Made from natural and renewable sources meaning you are supporting farmers and doing your bit for the planet.
  • Safe for allergy sufferers and people with lung conditions such as asthma, COPD, IPS and the elderly, children... well everyone!