Free Printable Pockets of Time Wellbeing Boosts

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Click to download free printable, pockets of time - wellbeing boost

This is a visual list of all the things that help to nurture your wellbeing split into certain pockets of time. It is super useful to have when you are going through a tough/challenging period or experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety or depression or as simply as a kind of daily wellbeing supplement.

When we are stressed or anxious our thinking gets muddled so it's hard to remember what helps you - keeping a visual Wellbeing Toolkit means you have an easy tried and tested list to grab and pick something that you know helps and get on with it straight away, removing procrastination and panic.

Pop it in on your wall or in your diary so it's easily to hand. We also like to keep a photo of it on our phones for when we are out and about.

You can get creative with it too and illustrate it - a wonderfully mindful activity. It's great activity to do with your kids too to help them with their own emotional challenges.