About Us

Hi, I’m Sara Phillips. Founder of Altruis Living. I’m a qualified and highly experienced Holistic Therapist as well being a mum, wife and animal lover!

My passion for alternative and holistic therapies started over 20 years ago when traditional medicine was unable to fix a car crash induced back injury.

Acupuncture opened my eyes to alternative therapies and since then I’ve learned how powerful a great mix of holistic products, treatments and positive lifestyle rituals can be in looking after our physical and mental wellbeing.

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MyΒ mission at Altruis Living is to help people to live happy and healthy lives through a combination of products and advice that are easy to create and maintain at home.

IΒ have put together a range of tried and tested wellbeing focused products that are not only effective and natural but also ethical, animal and planet-friendly. I don’t just focus on products that smell or look nice; they need to have positive wellbeing benefits as well.

Using my holistic therapy background IΒ match the correct products to your issues and needs, taking away the guesswork and overwhelm of choice. If you need any help or advice, you can get in touch with me on the live chat facility at the bottom right of the website.

MyΒ wide range wellbeing products are great for the whole family and include everything from essential oil blends, plant wax candles, reed diffusers, unusual oil burners, fragrance oil blends, diffuser bracelets and necklaces to aromatherapy bath and body products, room and pillow sprays, plantable seed greetings cards and new mindful embroidery kits.

I love inspiring gift hunting for either loved ones or just a treat for yourself. I call them Little Gifts of Sunshine and I focus on finding the kind of unusual yet thoughtful products that will brighten up their day.

Altruis Living range

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At Altruis Living I also like to do my bit to look after the planet and ensure my range is as environmentally friendly as possible. The little things like sourcing recycled or reusable containers and packaging can make all the difference. So if your delivery parcel has a lovely copper Altruis Living sticker on a previously used box then you know why!

Finally, I am very proud of my reputation for providing holistic personalised advice and guidance on the products and rituals that will work for your individual condition or emotion.

My customers are the biggest inspiration for my range and service, and I love to hear about your experiences to help me continuously get better at what I do.

There are a few easy ways to keep in touch; myΒ Facebook wellbeing group, our website Live Chat facility at the bottom rightΒ of the page,Β or just a direct email to me personally.



Thanks for reading and being part of Altruis Living.

Sara x