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Eve Taylor Winter Gel - Essential Oil Blend - Altruis Living
Eve Taylor Winter Gel - Essential Oil Blend - Altruis Living

Eve Taylor Winter Gel

Eve Taylor
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Our Winter Massage Gel is incredibly effective for coughs and colds. With a synergistic blend of Tunisian Rosemary and minty Eucalyptus to clear and cool the sinuses, chest and head. Ravansara clears the chest and is anti-viral. French alpine Lavender soothes and comforts. Antiseptic and anti-bacterial Palmarosa clears the mind and stimulates the senses.

With the amazing synergies of our Winter Blend in a gel base, so you can put them directly onto your skin.

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral - for colds, coughs, seasonal allergies & sinus congestion. Use around the house, at work, on planes, public transport or stuffy atmospheres to help keep a clear head and fight off bugs in the atmosphere.

*NOT suitable for babies, for babies we have our special blend "Mother & Baby"

How to use Winter Gel: Apply a thin layer to upper chest area, upper back and soles of the feet when you have a cold to for clearing, decongesting effects. Excellent to apply to the upper chest area before getting on a plane to create a protective anti-bacterial shield to ward off germs.

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