Welcome to Altruis Life

Welcome to Altruis Life

Hi I'm Sara, the founder of Altruis Living and this is the first post in our brand-new Altruis Life blog that will cover lots of great topicsΒ about natural wellbeing and happy living. Welcome and thank you for joining us!

Holistic approach to wellbeing
As a qualified and experienced Holistic Therapist, my approach to wellbeing takes everything into consideration so that underlying needs are looked after and not just the symptoms.

I have personally benefited from a holistic approach to improve my own health and for more than 10 years I’ve been helping some wonderful customers to build proactive wellbeing rituals and ease health conditions.

Altruis inspiration
Altruis Living is about embracing that holistic thinking by providing a range of natural products that can help to look after general wellbeing or specific health conditions.

Most importantly we give as much personalised advice as possible to help you and your family be proactive in creating wellbeing approaches. Please do ask us for any advice you need.

Altruis Living helps with happy living by…
β€’ Believing that physical, emotional and mental well-being are key to leading a happy and healthy life
β€’ Having a passion for natural ingredients that complement traditional medicine and are kind to the environment
β€’ Providing natural wellbeing advice that can be built into daily routines at the same time as being enjoyable and fun

What you can look forward to:
The Altruis Life blog will share hints, tips and advice to help build knowledge about natural ways to manage the wellbeing of you or your whole family.

We’d love to hear about any subjects or advice you’d like us to cover. Whether it’s specific health subjects, questions about aromatherapy or suggestions for new products, we really want to hear from you. Get in touch via our social media links below or at email us.

It's wonderful to have you with us on the Altruis Living adventure and we can’t wait to see how we can help with your own wellbeing experiences.

Visit the Altruis Living website

Sara x

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