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Natural Relief for Hay Fever

Itch, sneeze, blow repeat! Frustrating isn't it? As the weather starts to improve, we want to be able to go out and soak up those rays making the most of the rare British sunshine. However, if like me, you suffer from hay fever those fun sunny days can be ruined with itching eyes, runny nose and endless sneezing.

Unfortunately, there is no cure, but luckily I have some top tips to share with you along with some product recommendations that can help ease those annoying symptoms.

Homeopathic help
I have been using New Era Combination H Hay fever homoeopathic tablets since I was 14, when my nan bought me them for my allergies. After all these years I still find them far more effective than my antihistamines. They have been my little saviour this week. I have even been able to sleep with the windows open to keep the perimenopausal hot flushes at bay!

New Era Mineral Cell Salts Combination H 240 'fastmelt' Tablets


If you haven’t tried any of the Eve Taylor products before I would recommend that you give one, if not all of the following a go to help with your allergies.

Eve Taylor’s Refining Eye Gel

Eve's amazing cooling Refining Eye Gel is a godsend for itchy, burning Hay fever eyes. The Algae extract helps to moisturise and firm the skin whilst the Seaweed helps to reduce puffiness and the Sea Lavender moisturises and improves skin quality. This multi-tasking product is also fantastic for taking down inflammation on spots and insect bites and like all of Eve's products a little goes a long way.

Top tip: Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling treat!

Eve Taylor Refining Eye Gel Tube


Eve Taylor Seal & Protect Moisturising Lip Balm SPF10

I apply this around the nose area to soothe and protect from constant nose blowing. Perfect to pop in your handbag to re-apply when needed.

tin of Eve Taylor seal and protect lip balm with SPF10


 Eve Taylor Summer & Winter Essential Oil Blends

These essential oil blends are perfect for helping soothe and clear the airways. There are many ways to use the oils however I find that steam inhalation is a great way to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever.

Eve Taylor Summer Essential Oil Blend
Bottle of Eve Taylor Winter diffuser blend              


TEMPLESPA Hay-fever Heroes
When hay-fever strikes, reach for these two beauties 

Step 1 - moisten two cotton pads with EASY ON THE EYE (not just an eye make up remover) for a cleansing refreshment for itchy eyes. 
My Top Tip - keep a batch ready prepared in a jar by you bedside - they are soooo soothing 

Step 2 - pop a few drops of BREATH OF LIFE onto a tissue and breathe in deeply, feel your sinuses clear and instant energy! 
My Top Tip - take a cotton wool pad or tissue with a couple of drops into your car, the air vents can aggravate hay-fever further.

TEMPLESPA easy on the eye blue bottle and breath of life b yellow bottle



I hope that you have found these tips helpful. Why not visit my website to access my chat feature, where I am happy to offer further advice and recommendations?

I'll leave you with my quick tip for soothing hay fever eyes….

Boil a pot of tea (chamomile or nettle are great but your standard builder's tea will do too) !

Let it cool and pop it in a glass jar or covered mug in the fridge.

When your eyes get irritated, dip some cotton pads in the cool tea (ring them out so they aren't dripping wet!)

Lie them on your eyes and lie back and relax for 10 minutes.

 Clear teapot with chamomile tea brewing
Have you any natural remedies for hay fever? I would love to hear them.
Sara x
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