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Hero Product - Eve Taylor Active Rub Muscle & Joint Ease

I can't rave enough about our best selling aromatherapy Muscle & Joint Ease Gel from Eve Taylor, I love it so much I have made it one of our hero products. I have used on myself, my family and clients for over a decade now.

This incredibly effective gel naturally soothes and eases muscular tension and tightness. With a multitude of uses, it is an incredibly effective natural alternative to conventional muscle and joint gels. Active Rub is an Aloe Vera based gel containing a wonderful blend of time-honoured warming and pain-relieving essential oils such as Marjoram, Rosemary, Ginger, Clove Thyme and Black Pepper. It smells fab too!!

Eve Taylor Active Rub Tube


  • An alternative to conventional muscle and joint gels.
  • Easily applied and immediately effective (it kicks in, in about 2 minutes) without the nasty lingering smell.
  • Active Rub does not rely on any heat process so there is no uncomfortable burning sensation and can be effectively used for all ages.
  • Unlike current brands available Eve Taylor's Active Rub’s combination of essential oils in an Aloe Vera based gel provides a triple active effect.
  • Formulated to soothe sensitivity, draining toxins and stimulate the circulation.
  • Please note this product is not suitable during pregnancy or if you suspect you are pregnant

Some of the many uses:

  • Any activity or job that creates extra stress and strain on the muscles i.e. computer/desk work, nurses, teachers, gardeners
  • Aches from lugging around young children - I like to call it 'mummy shoulders'
  • Tired aching feet - after a night out in heels or shopping
  • Pre and after sports - I always carry one in my gym bag
  • Great for joggers and marathon runners and golfers
  • Great for therapists whose hands and shoulders become tired from massaging clients
  • For those whose mobility may be impaired due to muscle or joint sensitivity
  • Sprains
  • Repetitive strain
  • Helps ease discomfort for back pain sufferers, Rheumatics and Arthritis
  • Children's growing pains - on children be sure to use a very small amount
  • Eve Taylor herself uses it every morning on her shoulders, hips and knees. She is an unbelievably sprightly lady at 88 years, but she tells me her stiff joints do need a kick start when she gets out of bed.
  • The list is endless...

Times when Active Rub has come to the rescue

  • On my foot when tripped over a huge concrete block on holiday
  • On my foot when I fell down the stairs
  • On my shoulder when I fell on the decking - hmm I am quite accident prone!
  • On my son's twisted ankle
  • On my shoulders from a hard day's work at the computer
  • On my sore tummy muscles after a Pilates class
  • On my stiff, aching knees due to perimenopause
  • RSI on my sons fingers and thumbs using his phone too much
  • My auntie's arthritis pains in her hands and knees

Have you tried Eve Taylor's Active Rub? I would love to know what you use it for.

Sara x

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