New Collaboration with Artist Lorraine Hall & Free Mindful Rainbow Colouring Sheet

New Collaboration with Artist Lorraine Hall & Free Mindful Rainbow Colouring Sheet

We have collaborated with wonderful North East illustrator and artist Flutter By Lorraine to bring you this gorgeous free printable Rainbow Mindful Colouring Sheet.

Free Download: Flutter By Lorraine Mindful Rainbow Colouring Sheet

Colouring is a great way to add mindfulness to your life and calm down the busiest of minds. Research shows that colouring activities help relax the amygdala - the brain's fear centre. Mindful colouring is a wonderfully therapeutic and a relaxing 'Stay At Home' activity to help manage stress and anxiety.

You could print some extras off for the kids to stick in your window and join in with the Rainbow Trail. You can even write your own positive message in the cloud like this one!

Update our gorgeous cards are now available to buy now
We are also working on turning the illustration into our first ever Greetings Card which will be available to purchase on the website. The card will be in happy vibrant colours, complete with a positive quote - watch this space...

Keep Walking Through The Storm Card

I met Lorraine at The Mint Business Club (a community of solo, micro and small businesses) and we instantly hit it off at the same time as falling in love with her work!

A Little Bit About Lorraine

Lorraine uses watercolours and takes her inspiration predominantly from nature. Her style is quirky and unique, with a fun, cheerful, uplifting element. Most of her paintings include her signature splash/spiral effect.

Much of Lorraine’s artwork is also inspired by and includes wellbeing quotes. Wellbeing is hugely important to her alongside painting, which has always been her passion. She actively finds time and space in her busy life (she is also a teacher) to look after herself by indulging in an activity that she loves. You can read more about Lorraine and view her stunning work on her website, Facebook or Instagram page.

Get Your Free PDF Colouring sheet here
Don't forget to use our hashtag #AltruisLiving on your social media feeds so we can see your works of art and share in our gallery!

Voluntary Charity Donation
We're making an optional donation to a choice 2 of charities close to our hearts who are supporting people more than ever during these tough times. If you’re able to, any donation whatsoever for using this colouring sheet would be greatly appreciated.

Donate to the Blurt Foundation Charity     Donate to Fighting All Cancers Together

Our Chosen Charities

The Blurt Foundation 
A wonderful charity who help young people and adults affected by depression in the U.K. and have been a huge help to myself; the founder Jayne Hardy wrote the book The Self Care Project., which played a big part in my own mental health recovery.

Visit Blurt's Coronavirus Helpful Hub which is designed to answer questions, provide helpful resources and information, and share ideas for coping with the ever-changing landscape we find ourselves in.

FACT Fighting All Cancers Together
A Newcastle based charity who work so hard to help, support and give social opportunities for people and their family or friends who are going through the cancer journey. Read how FACT are supporting people during Covid-19 here.

Stay safe
Sara x

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Lovely blog! And so perfect for just now. Plus support for two of my favourite charities. Xxx

Lauren Bennett

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