Do You Meditate?

Do You Meditate?

I have been meditating for nearly 20 years!

I love how a meditation practice makes me feel and when I practice regularly, I am calmer, focused and more balanced which is great for me and my loved ones!

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I first tried meditation when I my role in a family marketing business was stressful. I learnt how to meditate using the easy Transcendental Meditation technique and did this without fail twice a day as it made such a difference - so much so my sceptical parents signed up for the same course!

When I am suffering with anxiety or depression, meditation is an incredibly effective self prescription for me, taken once or twice daily.

Nowadays I love Yoga Nidra. I practice it with my amazing Restorative Yoga teacher YogaSis once a month (I love it as you can do it lying down and even at bedtime!)

I also find guided meditations particularly useful in keeping my monkey mind in check and boy does that tinker need it! I love the Headspace and Calm apps for these.

I must admit recently I have been so busy in the run up to Christmas, I have let it slip - at a time when meditation will benefit me greatly - yes, I am not perfect at this Self Care thing either! 

Yesterday morning I sat down was a gorgeous guided visualisation meditation from the online course I am doing with Sarah Seed who is a Self Discovery coach and wonderful friend.

It ended up being a highly productive and balanced day, which reminded me how powerful a 10 minutes meditation can beI then weaved in some wonderful extra Self Care including a walk, making a delicious lunch and of course a hot chocolate! Then I was raring to go and got on with lots of planning - prior to the meditation all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and zone out all day with Netflix!

This morning my lovely friend sent me this wonderful short video on meditation by a fun Buddhist monk. It's well worth a listen to reminds us just how simple meditation can be! 

I would love to know if you meditate and what your favourite ways to practice are as it's always wonderful to add new ones to the list and share with Altruis Living followers!

Sara x

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