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Give the Gift of Natural Wellbeing with Eve Taylor

We have a fabulous selection of wellbeing gifts this Christmas from Eve Taylor London.

Eve Taylor products are natural, affordable, proven, trusted and uncomplicated. What would you choose first?

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  • Eve Taylor Solace AromaWax Massage Candle Plant Wax
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  • Eve Taylor Festivity Essential Oil Blend
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  • Buddha Head Ceramic Oil Burner (White)
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  • Buddha Head Ceramic Oil Burner (Black)
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Coughs, Colds, Sinuses Issues & Immune System Boosts

We have an effective range of tried and tested natural products for boosting the immune system and relief from coughs, colds and sinus issues, including the incredibly effective, award winning Eve Taylor Winter Essential Oil Diffuser Blend and Wellbeing Gel.

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We love Plant Waxes not Paraffin

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I recevied an order from Sara recently and I was blown away by the packaging, which is ethical and recycled too, its like opening a beautifully wrapped present, just better!

It has had such a lasting impression on me, I have taken steps to ensure my customers now receive a similar experience on some of the items I send out.

Gillian Rayne

I have bought from Sara and had Sara give a talk to our group Duenna's Women. Sara has so much knowledge around both physical and mental health well-being. Her knowledge is of course is really impressive but the thing that stands out the most is Sara's passion for her work and the attention to detail to ensure every client is happy and cared for through her amazing products. I highly recommend working with Sara

Lauren McWilliams (Duenna's Women)

I've worked with Sara for a few years, buying her products (bracelets: beads and leather ) which are MINT. She is passionate about Wellbeing and self-care and invests her positive energy helping us all to feel better. Her business has grown over the years due to Sara's hard work and dedication.

Nicola Jayne Little (Mint Business Club)

EMF Protection Plate
It was a present for my partner, he is delighted with it! Also Sara is the best seller I met online, she is very kind and was helpful with all my questions & orders. Guys, you won't never go wrong with this item & seller Sara as she is the best. I know where to go back if I need any great present & kindness in one go! All the best in the future.

Pavi Tereza

It's been a week since receiving my order of the soothe and rebalance bracelet, the hug in a bottle and comfort gel set and the muscle rub. I can honestly say if you suffer with fibromyalgia, migraine and anxiety and depression, these are definitely worth the money as my migraines have eased, my sleep is improving, and the muscle rub, wow, I was so desperate for this as being in constant pain, but within ten minutes of putting the stuff on, I was pain free all day 😊. I would advise though, speak to Sara first before ordering as she'll check your fine to use in conjunction with any medication your on. 

S Randell

Sara's knowledge and understanding of well-being and her products is second to none and when asked she put together such a lovely and very personalised well-being birthday gift! It arrived and I couldn't have been happier...beautifully packaged with a little message card explaining the products...a little of box sunshine! Thank you!

Lorraine Reay

I love my diffuser bracelets.. I feel more calm and relaxed in this challenging world right now. I use the wool felt ball diffusers above my bed with relaxation oil and I sleep so much better now.. so my fitbit tells me! More deep sleep and less awake times. I recommend this to anyone... it honestly works.

Bev Bayles

The service I recieved was fantastic. The bracelet I purchased for my anxiety is not only beautiful, but actually works. Thank you so much!

Gemma Leighton-Sales

I can highly recommend Altruis Living. They are one of the most caring companies that I have come across and always put my needs before theirs. They are incredibly helpful and have so many fabulous products. I particularly love my new Chakra bracelet and Eve Taylor skincare routine! I’d be lost without them!

Ruth Oldfield

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